FREE 21 days Learn To Meditate

What You Receive

Learn to

Four video courses that help you breathe better

Intention Driven Meditation

Sixteen 10-20 minutes audio courses that help you achieve Intention Driven Meditation

Enhance Your Meditation

Twenty-one activity sheets that make you understand yourself better

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Twenty-one day trials of BFU Club Membership Plan

Learn to Meditate

21 days of Intentional Meditation

Awaken from the 7 levels of the ego, and step into something more empowering for your soul.

Allow yourself to align and connect to new energetic tones that help you come into contact with what you desire for your reality.

In twenty one days, you will learn different breathing techniques, open up your heart, release fear and surrender self-doubt.

You’ll rewire your mindset, recognize your self-worth, restore your personal power, release judgements and dissolve guilt as you heal the wounded child and align your chakras.

Creating a deeper sense of gratitude and renouncing comparison as you awaken a new narrative within you, feeling all your feels.

Open your mind to the Infinite Possibilities.

Extraordinary, Mediocrity and Suffering come from the same source.

Where do you want to Thrive from?

What You Receive

16 mp3 – Intention Driven Meditation (10-20min)
21 Activity Sheets to Enhance Your Meditation Practice

4 Learn to Breathe Videos
21 days Inside Membership Support